Mumbai to get affordable housing on 787 hectares

    Mumbai to get affordable housing on 787 hectares
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    The new town planning draft has given priority to affordable housing. the draft also clarifies the concept of low cost housing as affordable social housing. Earlier these houses were to be built on 707 hectares, but in the revised town planning draft, the planning committee has reserved 787.28 hectares of land.

    These housing schemes will provide affordable housing to the low economic strata, lower middle class and people living in rental premises.

    Member of the planning committee, Gautam Chatterji added that this proposed affordable housing has been designed after detailed study and as per the growing needs of the city.

    As per the DP rules of 1991, the town planning draft has allocated 13 thousand hectares as non development where as 11.5 thousand hectares was reserved for NA. Now instead of no development and NA, the special development zone has been reserved as 1- 248.07 hectares and 2- 1773.46 hectares.

    Zone 1 reservation includes land in the no development zone which do not classify as forest which have eligible families who have encroached on these areas.

    All these areas will be used under section 33(8) to create affordable housing.

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