Mumbai To Get Partial Underground Metro Line 11 - Check Route Here

Mumbai is set to expand its metro rail network with the addition of a new partially underground line (Metro 11) connecting key areas of the city and improving connectivity for residents and commuters.

Mumbai To Get Partial Underground Metro Line 11 - Check Route Here
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Mumbai is ready to extend its metro train network with the addition of a new underground line.

After the fully underground Metro 3, Mumbai is set to get yet another underground line in the form of Metro 11; however, this line will be partially underground.

The Mumbai Metro line 11, popularly known as the green line 11, will partially run underground and connect significant parts of the city. The metro line, which is anticipated to open soon, would increase connection and alleviate traffic congestion for city commuters.

The planned metro line 11 will stretch for approximately 12.77 kilometres from Bhakti Park in Wadala to the Post Office opposite CSMT.

The first 8 kilometres of the route will be underground, while the final 4.77 kilometres will be raised. The average inter-station distance is roughly 1.27 km, ranging from 0.85 km to 2.1 km depending on the location.

Line 11 will feature 11 stations in all, with the first three (Bhakti Park, Ganesh Nagar, and BPT Hospital) elevated and the next eight (from Sewri to CSMT) underground. The last stop - Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) - will connect to the currently under construction Mumbai Metro line 3 (Aqua).

The planned metro line, line 11, will greatly improve connectivity between critical sections of the city that are currently not that well-connected by public transit, such as the General Post Office and Wadala. This will help not just the residents of these regions, but also the thousands of commuters who will use them every day.

The new metro line would also help to alleviate traffic congestion on Mumbai's roadways and commute times for residents and commuters, which is a key concern in the city. It will also help to relieve congestion on the existing local lines, which are currently congested during peak hours.

The new metro line's development will also provide job possibilities for the local community.

A key milestone in the development of the new metro line is the expected signing of a memorandum of understanding for the project by the Mumbai Port Authority and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority. The project will be finished on schedule and within budget thanks to this collaboration between the government agencies and the metro rail corporation.

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