World's tallest building to be built in Mumbai

World's tallest building to be built in Mumbai
World's tallest building to be built in Mumbai
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Looks like the Central Road Transport Highway and Shipping minister Nitin Gadkari desires to make Mumbai, the finance capital of India, more aesthetically beautiful and exquisite. Gadkari wants to develop a mesmerising island on the barren port. And based on the success of this project, he also plans to get an even huger building than the 163-floored Burj Khalifa built in the city.

Gadkari said, "Instead of giving our land to the investors and builders, we are planning to make it more developed on so many levels. We will construct three times bigger, greener and smarter roads than Marine Drive.” Gadkari believes that the Port Trust of Mumbai possesses the biggest area of land to make this dream come true.

Moreover, Gadkari said that he has discussed the matter with the Central Government and he has full hopes that he would soon get a nod from them. At the same time, he plans to build a road longer and wider than Marine Drive. The Port Trust is being used since the year 1873 and is known to be one of the 12 biggest ports present in India.

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