No cabin for BEST committee head in new building


Mumbai – Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar had announced that the BMC will extend a financial help to crisis-hit BEST undertaking and make a plan for its development. The civic body seems to have neglected the BEST authoritative head as demand for inclusion of BEST budget in BMC’s general budget and keeping the office of BEST committee chairman out of civic headquarters in its renovation plan.

There are offices of different committees and political parties in the old building of BMC headquarters. A cabin for BEST committee chairman was also provided earlier in this building. But as per renovation plan of the BMC headquarters, the separate cabin for BEST committee chairman has not been included. BEST committee chairman happens to be the member of the BMC House. Due to various reasons, BEST committee head has to visit the BMC headquarters and hence he was provided office there. As BEST committee chairman also has an independent office in the BEST Bhavan, he should not be given a separate cabin in the renovated building of BMC headquarters, the municipal commissioner is reported to have opined.
The political parties have been allocated the cabins on the ground floor of the old building where offices of women and child welfare committee, law committee are located. The first floor has the offices of town planning, health committee, garden and market committee, offices of the Leader of House and Opposition Leader. The ruling party is reportedly eying the cabin beside the office of leader of opposition as the cabin for BEST committee chairman.

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