Set the record straight, MSRDC!

    Pali Hill
    Set the record straight, MSRDC!
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    Mumbai - The MSRDC has not yet published the figures on toll collection on the Mumbai -Pune expressway for October 2016. According to the standing instructions of the state information commissioner, the MSRDC is required to publish detailed information on toll collection on its website on a monthly basis. November is almost over, yet the October data has not been updated on the site. This amounts to a breach of public trust by the MSRDC and contractors, says toll expert Vivek Velankar. Velankar has complained about this matter to the state information commissioner and demanded action against the MMRDC and contractors. According to Velankar, the corporation was to receive complete toll collection from the contractors by October, while there have been demands to abolish the toll altogether. That could be reason the MSRDC and the contractors are reluctant to publish toll information relating to October, alleges Velankar. MSRDC managing director Radheshyam Mopalwar was unavailable for comment.

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