Slaughterhouse for chickens demanded

Slaughterhouse for chickens demanded

Mumbai - Bharatiya Janta Party is trying level best to shut Asia's former largest abattoir Deonar. Whereas rival Shiv Sena is in the fray of opening distinct slaughterhouse for hens. As per Leader of the house, Trishna Vishwasrao a separate slaughterhouse will be set up for slaughtering hens.

A meeting was held in 2016 in the presence of Commissioner Eastern suburbs, General Manager (Deonar Slaughterhouse) and civic officials. The motive of the discrete slaughterhouse is to avail fresh chicken meat for the consumers.

Killing of goats on regular basis and on special occasions like Eid, Bakri-Eid people swarm in huge attendance. This has created the need of independent slaughterhouse for hens.

Lakhs of chickens are slaughtered on daily basis in the city, if not examined properly there may be chances of bird flu stated Trishna Vishwasrao.