SRA issues OCs to 20 building in a single day

SRA issues OCs to 20 building in a single day
SRA issues OCs to 20 building in a single day
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Mumbai – The Slum Redevelopment Authority (SRA) implemented a OC fortnight to solve the issue of 35,000 flats constructed under its scheme. On Thursday, the SRA issued OC to 3,500 flats in 20 buildings. Housing minister Prakash Mehta distributed the OCs to the said buildings in a programme held in SRA headquarters on Thursday.
“The SRA officials will focus on the issuance of OCs in the month of March and the issue of OC distribution will be over by the end of this month,” said Vishwas Patil, chief executive officer of SRA.

Minister Prakash Mehta appreciated the initiative of SRA and expressed confidence that the authorities will take many such beneficial decisions.

The residents of SRA buildings have been facing many problems due to no OC to their buildings. They have to pay double charges for water, electricity and other taxes. In a survey it was found that 44,698 flats owners are not having the OCs and hence the SRA decided to distribute OCs to all of them by March 31, 2017. But it has given OCs to only 13,297 flat owners. This initiative of SRA has received a good response from the concerned beneficiaries.

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