State Advocate General recommends calling fresh bids for Dharavi Redevelopment Project

State Advocate General recommends calling fresh bids for Dharavi Redevelopment Project

The ambitious Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRP) has seen numerous pitfalls since it was first planned. More recently, the authorities called for a bid with two groups making the final cut - Dubai based M/s SecLink Technologies Corporation and M/s Adani Infrastructure & Developers Pvt Ltd. 

With a base price of Rs 3,150 crore, SecLink quoted Rs 7,500 crore, while Adani quoted Rs 4,529 crore. The bid was eventually won by SecLink. However, the authorities decided to keep it on hold. 

This was because the original bids did not include the cost for acquisition of railway land, redevelopment of railway quarters, as well as rehabilitation of slum dwellers on railway land. Additionally, the bid also did not include the construction of service buildings and hostel rooms of about 75,000 sq ft. 

This led the Committee of Secretaries (CoS) set up for this purpose to convene and ask State Advocate General, Ashutosh Kumbhakoni if it should cancel the bids and call for fresh ones in light of these additional costs. The State Advocate General recommended the calling of a fresh bid, and now the CoS is expected to meet this Friday on Jan 17. A correspondence from SecLink as well as the State Advocate General’s opinion will be presented at the meeting. 

The authorities have so far decided to provide 350 sq ft tenements for eligible slum dwellers. However, it is said that some are demanding for a 500 sq ft unit instead. This indicates that there may be some further delays in the completion of the DRP unless the authorities come up with a robust solution. 

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