10 Tips to Maintain Your Freshly Painted Walls

While a coat of interior wall putty goes a long way in ensuring smoothness, here are 10 smart tips that will you’re your painted walls look new for a long time.

10 Tips to Maintain Your Freshly Painted Walls

Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint is the best way to uplift the mood in your living space. A freshly painted house offers great aesthetics, but it’s essential to care for them and address any problems in a timely manner to keep them looking gorgeous. While a coat of interior wall putty goes a long way in ensuring smoothness, here are 10 smart tips that will you’re your painted walls look new for a long time:

1. Get Your Toddler a Sketchbook

With young families, preventing the little ones from scribbling or sketching on the walls can be tough. While it means good things for the kid’s artistic aptitude, it could quickly contribute to leaving your walls in urgent need of another paint job. One possible solution is to encourage toddlers to express themselves in sketchbooks or small canvases. If you think this won’t work for your little one, consider Berger’s Easy Clean interior emulsion, which has cross-linking polymers to create a durable, non-porous film, allowing you to wipe off even the strongest stains.

2. Keep Dust at Bay

The most common damper to the freshly painted walls is the consolidation of dust. A sheet of dust can give your walls a shabby and dull look. The clear solution to this problem is to clean your walls regularly using a brush with very soft bristles that are set very closely together. Settled dust can be pretty hard to get rid of, so be quick to act.

3. Waterproof Your House to Maintain the Sheen

Dampness and waterlogging could completely destroy the sheen of your interior walls. Since you cannot control the weather, it’s best to protect your beautiful interiors with Berger’s industry-leading wall putty. In case you live in a tropical area, where the moisture level stays high, a coat of exterior wall putty is in order too. Berger’s Dampstop has your exterior walls covered with its crystalline nanotechnology based waterproofing system.

4. Don’t Forget Cement Putty

Wall putty has several uses, but it is usually applied prior to the final coat to increase the life of the paint. The commonly available types of wall putty are cement and acrylic. With a good-quality variant like Berger’s Happy Wall Acrylic Putty, your walls get a creamy consistency, impressive levelling and extra-smooth finish to their topcoats.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Stains and Marks

Often, moving furniture like chairs or sofas without care could leave scratches or chips in the paint layer. The solution is to either avoid placing them too close to the wall or by covering them with slipcovers. However, if you still do end up getting marks, get the necessary repair work well in time.

6. Invest in High-Quality Washable Paint

A high-quality emulsion like Berger’s Silk Glamour offers unmatched cleanability. To ensure that your walls keep looking fresh for long, stain resistance and a glossy finish are also important. It’s worth looking for any added features such as an elastomeric film that can bridge previous cracks effortlessly and extend the durability. Berger Wall Putty can come in handy here.

7. Ventilate Your Interiors Regularly 

Duly ventilating your house walls is the first step after painting your house. It ensures that the paint dries completely and helps the surface remain smooth and shiny. Though merely keeping all the windows and doors open and allowing the air to flow freely will do it, you may also want to turn on the fans and exhaust. Ventilating your walls not only helps them to dry, but also keeps your walls free from mould and fungus.

8. Take Care Not to Miss Any Steps While Painting

Make sure you don't leave out any steps while painting your interior walls. For instance, conduct thorough research on the advantages of acrylic vs cement wall putty. Skimping on the advised number of paint coats, as suggested by the experts, is a bad idea. However, it is still tough to get it right without the skill, experience and technical knowhow of a professional, which is why the need for the following tip arises.

9. Get Professional Help for the Paint Job

A lot of the work in keeping walls fresh is done during surface preparation, before the actual paint job. Too often, people underestimate the role of high-quality tools and equipment in painting their walls. The best option is to leave it to the professionals. With Berger Express Painting, you get end-to-end wall preparation, waterproofing and painting executed by trained professionals. They use scientific solutions, like applying the right type of wall putty and primer, depending on the moisture content of your walls. The skilled painters also use automated tools to make the job cleaner and faster. Moreover, they clean up and disinfect your home before they leave.

10. Vacuum Your Walls Regularly

A round of vacuuming every few months is a great idea to keep your walls looking clean and freshly painted. However, do remember to select the right brush attachment on the machine.

With these tips, you can enjoy living in a clean and gorgeous home for years to come. With superior quality emulsion, you won’t need to get a paint job done every couple of years.

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