Planning Your Weekend For Alibaug? Head Over To These Villas For The Perfect Getaway

From Aquamarina, Merak to Salt Rim, here are five villas where you can stay near the beach:

Planning Your Weekend For Alibaug? Head Over To These Villas For The Perfect Getaway

Alibaug – this sleepy little coastal town has its very own brand of beauty. Sandy beaches, authentic coastal fare, waves that seem to caress the shore and fringing it all, pretty villas and warm homes that are perfect for travellers. Planning a trip down anytime soon? Here are 5 villas where you can live it up by the beach in Alibaug: 

The quickest way of reaching Alibaug is by a boat to Mandawa Jetty from the Gateway of India in Colaba anytime between 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. It takes about an hour to reach Mandawa Jetty by ferry (the price for which varies from Rs 100 to 150) or 20 minutes by speedboat.

1. Aquamarina
Quick access to the beach? Check.
Private pool? Check.
In-house cook? Check.

Saffron Stays Aquamarina is an idyllic hideaway that promises to enchant and delight. Located just on Nagaon beach, this pet-friendly property comes with three Mediterranean-style bedrooms and three wooden cottages that look as if they’ve jumped straight out of a child’s book of fairytales! Take in breathtaking vistas of the surrounding lush coconut groves or set off for a stroll along the beach, followed by a quick dip in your private pool. Finish it off by indulging in a seafood special meal prepared by the in-house cook, or other scrumptious offerings for vegetarian guests.


2. Merak 
Fancy a holiday in a villa that’s near to the beach? Look no further than Merak, a beautiful villa that’s just seven minutes away from Awas beach. You can soak up some rays by the beach all day and return to your blissful four-bedroom villa by evening. This villa is complete with a pool, verdant lawns, an outdoor sitting area where one can enjoy a relaxed evening with a steaming cup of tea or coffee. What's more, Mandwa Jetty is only ten minutes away, making Merak easy to get to. After a long day by the beach, head to the property’s terrace for some stargazing, followed by a delicious dinner put together by an onsite cook. We can’t think of a better way to spend the day.


3. Mizar
Travelling with a large group? Fret not. Mizar is a seven-bedroom villa with a caretaker and a cook who will see to your every need. Beach lovers will be thrilled to know that Mizar lies a mere ten minutes away from Kihim beach, so feel free to hit the beach as many times as you’d like. Alternately, swim some laps in the pool or take a walk along with the lawns, under the canopy of palm trees. If that’s not enough, the local chef here is an ace at whipping up Alibaug-style meals.

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4. Little Paradise
A beachside holiday beckons at Little Paradise. Think wooden beachfront cabins that will evoke images of Swiss chalets, barbecues and bonfires and movie screenings under the stars. Revel in beach views all day, or just stroll to the beach for some quiet time, perhaps with your furry friends in tow. Yes, this address is pet-friendly. Apart from a private lunch by the beach, bonfires or barbecues can be arranged, too. Can you hear the snap and crackle of the grill and the soft music floating through the air already? You could also watch a movie under the stars and request the on-site cook to hand you a big bowl of popcorn! This is where you can truly feel the pulse of this coastal town.


5. Salt Rim
At Salt Rim, you will be transported back to the colonial era. Once you’re done taking it all in, step onto the verandah for the most scenic vistas of the beach, right by your property. Take a stroll along this beach and feel the wind whip through your hair. Come back for lunch. We recommend trying the chef’s special – a piping hot plateful of delicious Maharashtrian Fish Curry, made using local produce. If you’d like, you could carry your lunch out to the lawn and enjoy a picnic under the sun. Salt Rim is ideal for six guests, thanks to its cosy loft space that can accommodate more people.


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