A journey of pride - 30,000 km in 105 days

A journey of pride - 30,000 km in 105 days

Taking a bike trip from Kanyakumari to Kashmir is a dream harboured by every true blue biker.

Nikhilesh Yadav, an officer with the Mumbai Police, who works with the Worli police staiton, started his journey 105 days ago. Just back to home base, the Worli resident is happy that he covered 30,000 kms on his wheels -  from Kashmir to Kanyakumari riding his favourite Bullet.  

Nikhilesh who has nurtured the dream of biking all over the country since 2010, started preparing for his Bharat Bhraman in June 2016. The dream came to fruition on 21 January 2017 when he set off. He was granted leave for three months by his encouraging employers. During the journey, he travelled across 29 states and 5 union territories. 

Nikhilesh spent an estimated Rs 3.50 lakh on his travels, some of the expense borne by the Lions Club. Inspired by his travels, Nikhlesh is now planning to explore more locales on his bike. More power to his wheels, we say!

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