Amazon's hall of shame continues with 'vagina art' ashtray

  • Amazon's hall of shame continues with 'vagina art' ashtray
  • Amazon's hall of shame continues with 'vagina art' ashtray

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I was in the mood for some shopping. Some good lethargic online surfing and shopping. So, I settled myself with a hot cup of coffee and I clicked on one of my favourite shopping apps- I was randomly searching for items required for my household. And that's when I stumbled on one particular item which made me sit up in shock. It was an ash tray. Not an ordinary ashtray but an ashtray styled like a girl stretching out her legs. I was speechless.

I immediately took to Google and decided to vent out my anger. Well, I was not the only one who was angry, many netizens had displayed their anger targeting 

If you see the content closely, the site tried selling it by mentioning it as ‘Tripolar Creative Eco-Friendly ashtray’. The description says, “You can decorate your bar or home with this ashtray. You can also gift it to your friend who loves smoking,”. Genius.  Whoever created this 'masterpiece' showcases perverted nature of the creators.

After netizens poured out their rage, pulled down the ash tray item from the website. However, this is not the first time that Amazon has posted offensive items for sale. One such item was a doormat which had an Indian flag on it.

This particular photo created a furore across social networking websites. 

Even the Indian government showed displeasure. External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj too expressed her anger through a tweet and then the doormat item was pulled down from the Canadian website.

Amazon then offered its apologies for the same. But even before that, Amazon had offered flip flops with Mahatma Gandhi’s photo on it. The online retail giant was pulled up again and Amazon responded by pulling down the item.

It seems Amazon has a habit of putting up items on sale which hurt the sentiments of communities and nations. Is there anyone who monitors items for sale on Amazon? Or does it think it can get away by offending gender and community sensibilities as and when it pleases?

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