Beer gives a Mumbai twist to the gola

    Mumbai  -  

    Lower Parel- Beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder. If you believe in that adage and feel that the beverage is crucial to relaxing after work or just chilling with friends, read on. Beer drinking is quite popular among Mumbai's youngsters and now the drink also comes in various flavours. Light vanilla, apple cider, chocolate and other fruity flavours are now combined to give beer lovers more opportunities to rejoice.

    In the White owl pub at the city's happening area- Lower Parel - you can enjoy freshly brewed beers for which the pub has an in-house brewery, a first of its kind. And now, the joint has launched another innovation - the beer gola where the beer popsicles are combined with crushed ice to give it a unique Mumbai twist. And they are cheaper too - beer mugs cost Rs 150 while the golas can be guzzled for Rs 90.

    So, have your beer in the only way a true blue Mumbaikar consumes the gola. Go sluurrp!

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