Don't eat these foods with fruits, can damage kidney

Combination of carrots and oranges can risk kidney damage

Don't eat these foods with fruits, can damage kidney

Eating a healthy diet is very important to maintain good health. While dieting, food combinations often go wrong and physical problems arise. It is important to have proper knowledge about what to eat and what not to eat with fruits. So one should always be alert while consuming fruits.

According to experts, the wrong combination of certain foods along with fruits can harm health and can damage the digestive system as well. 

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So let's know which foods along with fruits cause health problems:

1. Do not eat carrots with oranges

The combination of carrots and oranges can be harmful to health. If you like to drink juice, do not mix carrot juice with orange juice. Experts say that you may suffer from heartburn due to its consumption. There is also a risk of kidney damage.

2. Papaya and lemon

Many people like to eat fruits with lemon. But sprinkling lemon on papaya can cause health problems. Papaya and lemon are a deadly combination. Due to which anaemia and haemoglobin balance is disturbed.

3. Guava and banana

Some people like to eat fruit chaat. Fruit chaat consists of guava and banana. But this combination can be dangerous for health. Eating these two fruits together can cause acidosis, nausea, gas and persistent headaches.

4. Vegetables with fruits

Never mix fruits and vegetables together. Fruits are high in sugar and difficult to digest. Consuming vegetables along with fruits creates toxins in the stomach, which can cause diarrhoea, headache, infection and stomach pain.

5. Orange and milk

Consuming a mixture of milk and oranges can cause digestive disturbances. The acid in oranges can destroy the enzymes needed to digest starch in rice. If you eat these fruits together, you will end up inviting illness. 

6. Pineapple and milk

Pineapple contains Bromelain substance and this substance is only found in pineapple. This is an enzyme that comes from pineapple juice. If it comes into contact with milk, you may face many problems like stomach gas, nausea, infection and headaches.

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