Girgaum’s fancy coin collector

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    Girgaum- 50 years old Prithviraj Kanekar is a coins collector who has coins ranging from Shivaji era, Aurangzeb era to pre independence era. Girgaum resident Prithviraj is a huge fan of collecting coins and notes. He is been doing it since 14 years of age. “Since childhood I was a fan of round shape items and gradually I ended up collecting notes and coins. Once I remember, my grandfather came from Vengurla and he got to know about my coin collecting hobby. So, he gave me few coins and encouraged my hobby. My father too gave me coins and I was really elated. Meanwhile, I started private tuitions and when my students got to know about my hobby, even they gave me coins. Right from my family to my students, everyone encouraged my hobby,” said Prithviraj Kanekar. He added that his mother gave him a coin which had Sachin Tendulkars face engraved on it. Demonetisation somewhat affected him but he welcomed the government’s move. “When I got to know that I had to return Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 notes I felt bad. I felt sleepless and was disturbed but I decided to return the notes. I feel that India comes first and collector comes last. So I returned my Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes,” said Prithviraj.

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