Health as your lifestyle- the Leena Mogre fitness mantra


Mumbai - With our life becoming a 24/7 phenomenon, do you get time to work out?
In a city that never sleeps, lifestyle can sometimes be the biggest obstacle to maintaining fitness.

This is why the concept of 24 hour gymming is gaining currency. At the forefront of this movement is celebrity fitness trainer Leena Mogre who has pioneered the concept in the city.
Mogre, who has trained several film stars and other celebs in the city, says several of these turn up at her gym at midnight to work out. Many youngsters who work at call centres or young sportspersons also find it convenient to work out late nights. “If we are awake for long at night indulging in various activities, why can’t we work out too?” she questions.
There’s a rider though – Don’t try to do it yourself, it’s always better to consult a trainer or a doctor who will guide you to exercise properly without getting injured.

Making regular exercise a habit is key to a fit lifestyle, she maintains. Age is irrelevant – one can begin regular working out even at 80, she claims!

See, didn’t we tell you… staying fit can be fun!

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