Health packed with taste

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    Vile Parle- At Garde manger cafe, healthy food is not only lip-smacking but it is served in an attractive manner making it a perfect delight for all five senses. Pure vegetarian fare in Italian French and Lebanese twist and twisting the recipes here and there to add health benefit to it by replacing white flour with whole grain parmesan with feta n replacing milk in smoothies by soy protein health is restored without compromising on taste. The decor of the cafe is also according to its theme which emphasises on a healthy lifestyle with european influence. Garde manger means a place where fresh veggies are stored. The restaurant also emphasises on goodness and freshness of nature.  

    The restaurant is situated in Vile Parle east where residents mostly prefer a vegetarian diet. But they are foodies too. This restaurant passes both the criteria and is catching up among the residents quite fast.

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