Is the city's speed killing the Mumbaikar?

Is the city's speed killing the Mumbaikar?

The terms 'hectic lifestyle' and 'crazy working hours' are now synonymous with Mumbai. Almost everyone works beyond their shift timings, and spends over two hours in daily commutes. The sad part is, we have got so used to the our crazy daily routines that we often fail to see the changes wrought by such a lifestyle in our bodies and minds. It's not a surprise that WHO's theme for this World Health Day is Depression.

The Indian Medical Association, representative body of doctors in the country, recently carried out a survey on depression, withe the objective of spreading awareness regarding medication related to depression. "When someone is depressed, the person starts feeling sad and feels lethargic. This in turn, affects health which in turn leads to hypertension, obesity and heart diseases,” says Sagar Mundada, president of the youth wing of the IMA.

Depression, often described as a silent killer, goes unnoticed because it hits stealthily, is rarely discussed and seldom treated in time.

While city based homeopath Dr Satish Tripathi says the incidence of diseases like dengue and malaria has reduced in the past one year, mental illnesses continue to increase the population. “50 per cent bodily diseases are triggered by mental illness while the remaining are strictly physical. The diseases which existed 60 years ago are staging a comeback. Everyone is so busy and engrossed in their work that they end up getting stressed and then fall ill,” says consumer activist Dr Manohar Kamat.

Mumbai appears to be particularly badly hit by depression

Actor Jeetendra Kapoor’s cousin Nitin Dwarkadas committed suicide, allegedly owing to depression

Actor Jeetendra Kapoor’s Cousin  Kills Himself

24 year old student Arjun Bharadwaj jumped off the 19th floor of Taj Land's End hotel last week. He was reportedly depressed as well

24-Year-Old Jumps To Death From 19th Floor Of Bandra 5-Star Hotel

A man committed suicide by throwing himself in front of a speeding train

Man Jumps On The Track At Tilak Nagar Station

Here's how you can spot depression

  1. Changes in sleep pattern
  2. Insomnia
  3. Fatigue after waking up in morning
  4. Depressed
  5. Avoids doing his/her favourite things
  6. Feels tired easily
  7. Feels dejected most of the time

Though doctors, medical institutions, and government try to create awareness regarding depression, the cases have not come down. One should understand that mental illness is a not a taboo. A person suffering from it should discuss the issue rather than suffering in isolation. It is high time, that we all come together and pledge to stay in touch with our near and dear ones by communicating.

Here's how you can beat depression

  1. When feel depressed, consult doctor
  2. Work according to your capacity
  3. Don’t overwork
  4. Don’t take stress while working
  5. Cut down your needs
  6. Always think positive
  7. Communicate with your friends and relatives
  8. Meditate
  9. Exercise, yoga, dance and swimming help to keep one’s body fit
  10. Pray and feel blessed.
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