Jennifer Lopez and Malaika Arora invest in an Indian yoga and wellness start-up 'SARVA'

SARVA was born as a brainchild of a yogi turned entrepreneur, Sarvesh Shashi. The mission of this venture is to build a global community of physically, mentally and emotionally fit individuals.


In a first-of-its-kind move, global pop icon Jennifer Lopez, her fiance and American baseball legend Alex Rodriguez, Indian fitness icon Malaika Arora, and Zumba have come together to invest in an Indian yoga and wellness start-up, SARVA.

The team aims at making SARVA one of the most promising endeavours in the world, and the curated list of people who make up this stellar roster are personalities like David Giampaolo (Chairman of the company and Chief Executive Pi Capital), Mark Mastrov (Founder, 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide, Inc.), Bill Roedy (Former Chairman & CEO, MTV Networks Int'l), among many others.

SARVA was born as a brainchild of a yogi turned entrepreneur, Sarvesh Shashi, when he was just 23, and the mission of this venture is to build a global community of physically, mentally and emotionally fit individuals, achieved through yoga, mindfulness, movement and beyond, and to provide for the same through state-of-the-art brick and mortar studios, accessible and interactive technology, and lifestyle products. 

Commenting on her investment in SARVA, Jennifer Lopez, singer, dancer, actor, and global icon shared, "I have personally benefited from my regular practice of yoga and believe that it has made a difference to my life both physically and mindfully. The enthusiasm that Sarvesh brings to SARVA is promising and infectious. I believe in the vision of SARVA and view it as a great common ground for a brilliant investment opportunity along with co-creating and serving a global community."

Malaika Arora added her thought to it and said “I have for long been zealously practicing yoga and experienced the dynamics of its inner energy and mental equipoise. Six months ago, SARVA and I partnered to start Diva Yoga, a unique studio concept for women only and we are overwhelmed with the way it has evolved. I am happy to look beyond and invest in SARVA, becoming a part of the overall company that comes with a vision of connecting seven billion breaths globally, using finesse and a hi-tech approach. In particular, I look forward to working more closely with Sarvesh Shashi, the charismatic founder of SARVA whose ability to curate content and present it with special inspiration urges me to be more closely associated with this project. Besides its bright financial prospects, SARVA will quite significantly change the lives of those drawn to it.”

Started in March 2016, SARVA was built on the pillars of authenticity, accessibility, and modernity, focusing on the 600 million people in India living under the age group of 35. SARVA wants to drive a cultural change in society, making yoga-based wellness a part of the modern lifestyle, to combat global epidemics like stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and obesity. With 91 studios across India, clustering Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru, this venture's next cluster will include the other metros of the country. In a bid to create its international footprint, over the next few years, it will continue to evaluate market opportunities in USA, UK, and Middle East once it has penetrated the already existing very large Indian market.

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