Gone are the days when brands focused only on the products for the advertisement and had no perspective otherwise. But the time has changed today. With challenging social scenario and with the power of voice, one gets to see inspirational ads which not only talk about the product but also highlights the social issues, to bring about a change.

There are many videos one can find, but here we have listed 10 such inspirational ads which will take you on an emotional roller-coaster.

1) Mother’s love is eternal
Mother is the one who can cross limitless hurdles for her children. Her love is abundant and only increases with time. This bold and beautiful campaign by Vicks speaks about a transgender mother whose love and care will surely make you cry.

2) Don't run behind marks, seek to learn
When it comes to education, India has set patterns. It is assumed that one must get good marks, so as to grow in life. However, this particular ad of Bournvita speaks otherwise. It emphasises on a life where one should not run behind the score, instead be curious.

3) Share the load

Though we are living in the 20th Century, we still believe that women are supposed to do household chores. Even if she is a working woman, she is expected to be a superwoman. This particular ad campaign by Ariel proposes that men should be the support system, when in need, which is 'always.'

4) Raise a glass to India's woman power
Nothing is impossible for a woman, be it weight lifting or repairing the car. Nothing can stop her from being bold and courageous. Here the campaign speaks about women and their undying spirit.

5) When there is a will, there is a way
There are two types of people, one who give up and one who dare to cross all the hurdles and make it. Nescafe's ad campaign focusses on this talented young chap who despite stammering makes it big as a stand-up comedian, with a great wit!

6) Change is beautiful
Have you ever heard, a daughter’s parents asking their potential groom, if he could handle cooking? This ad campaign by Biba does and forces us to change our prejudice regarding marriage and the pre-set stereotype.

7) Sky is the limit
 The sky is the limit when one thinks of achieving greater height. Samsung's ad revolves around one such girl who is determined despite her disability.

8) When love triumphs over broken relationships
When one relationship gets over, it, in many cases, ends closes all the doors of potentially getting back. However, this ad campaign by Zigy medicines shows the positive side of a broken relationship.

9) Behave, youth are watching...
What you sow, so shall you reap. If we set good examples for our today’s youth, tomorrow shall see a better future. Have you seen this ad which talks about the youth who follows the wrong example set by the ones who run the country?

10) Salute the real heroes
Heroes are what we look up to. Heroes are those who inspires us to get going. However, amidst our daily routine, we forget to thank the real heroes. This ad campaign by Hero makes us feel proud and reminds us to be thankful of our real heroes.

Well, as said - the content ecosystem is changing. And with changing thoughts and perspective, we as a nation are growing. It is certain that the generations to come will have a better understanding to life and quite an impressive approach to the world.

These and many other brands deserve an appreciation for their brilliant concepts. Let us know which other campaign did you like the most. Comment in the section below...

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