7 best markets in Mumbai you must not miss

These markets in Mumbai make life much more happening and fun. Put on your tourist hats and head out for some adventure, especially if you've missed out on even one of these.

7 best markets in Mumbai you must not miss

Besides being the land of dreams, Mumbai is a place to explore, both in terms of sight-seeing and also shopping. The commercial capital of India is one of the most sought after destinations for shopaholics. There is much you can discover, irrespective of what your budget may be. Mumbai has something for everyone.

The city has much to offer, right from the Crawford Market and Colaba Causeway to Chor Bazaar and the Fashion Street. But the world doesn’t end there. The road to exploring the city is a rabbit hole, just a brighter one.

Here are the 7 best markets you must try visiting, if you haven’t yet! 

Crawford Market

Also known as Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai, it is the biggest wholesale market in Mumbai, offering everything under the roof at cheaper rates.

It is a densely populated Muslim area, with red and green flags around, adorned by the sound of the azan, in the backdrop. Besides just being a market, it is a culture to experience.  

It is also a famous fruits as well as a stationery market in the city.

Chor Bazaar

Earlier known as ‘Shor Bazaar’, it is known for its liveliness as the name suggests. Chor Bazaar, if you go quite literally with the name is also known for selling stolen items. However, it is a place to experience, with cramped streets and obscure stores and buildings. Famous for antiques and artifacts, there is much in this market that would drift you back in time, precisely to the pre-Independence period.

Colaba Causeway

With a scattered collection of stalls, Mumbai’s Colaba Causeway is another version of paradise for shopaholics. The numerous cramped stalls are full of hidden treasures with the best junk accessories and clothes, ranging from shawls and stoles to sporting t-shirts. If you know how to bargain, this place is a heaven in disguise. If not, it’s high time we must learn it.

Fashion Street

Covering everything under the sun when it comes to shopping, with fake ‘real’ branded clothes, the Fashion street has much to offer for a ‘pocket-friendly’ shopping experience. It is a popular tourist destination, known for bargaining. It’s perfect to sip away a coffee and stroll down the streets, shopping for the latest trends.

Linking Road

Amidst the hustle of the traffic, the street here is clad with stalls displaying bright and colourful clothes, bags and footwear. In short, a shopper’s paradise. Linking road is another sought after market, especially if you want to experience street shopping and what bargaining feels like. If you’re a shopaholic, you must not miss out on this one for sure.

Hill Road

Mumbai is full of treasures for the fashion conscious. Another heaven for the shopaholics around is the Hill Road market. This place has everything for men, women and children at affordable rates. 

Irla Market 

This place is for the expert street shoppers and foodies because the one thing you can’t buy here is space. This place is known for its four Alfa stores, selling all, from beauty and fashion to electronics. This place has imported and original stuff at a reasonable price.   

Even though these are some of the popular markets in the city, Mumbai has much more to explore than one can possibly imagine. As mentioned, the world for shopaholics in the city doesn’t end here. There is much more the city has to offer, only if you are on a spree to discover.

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