You can travel from Mumbai to Vapi in a Helicopter!

The ride from Pawan Hans is on the expensive side, but well, you can't put a price tag on the experience, can you?


For the regular flyers from Mumbai to Vapi, Pawan in Juhu will be flying two helicopter taxi services daily to Vapi and Tarapur. 

The cost per seat will be a little on the higher side, but it won't be as expensive as hiring a private jet.

The service is initially only for businessmen and people looking to fly for commercial reasons and not for leisure trips. The cost per seat will start from ₹21,000 and this will include limo transfer services as well. 

For people flying often, this service will be quick and will save a lot of time. This service is all about luxury and efficiency, as people will be flying from a private terminal and there won't be any queues.

So if you're a frequent flyer, this service will surely benefit you!

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