Beware-Uber knows about your backseat romance!!!

    Beware-Uber knows about your backseat romance!!!
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    According to a new policy of the transportation network firm Uber, the riders have been warned not to get romantic or intimate on the back seat of the cab. If found in such acts, the customers will be asked to alight the cab immediately. Further if they argue with the driver, their services will be deactivated for a certain period of time. This also applies to customers who may be drunk or in inebriated condition.
    According to the new rules set by Uber time if the customer is drunk and misbehaves with the driver. 

    Uber will be soon putting up these rules on their website. Uber drivers and car owners have welcomed this move but have cautioned that this may affect their business. While talking to Mumbai Live, one of the Uber drivers said that they are not bothered about what goes on the backseat, but such strict rules may deter passengers. 

    While some passengers commented that this was a good move as romance and intimacy on the backseat may lead to bigger issues, while others said that since they pay for the ride, what happens on the backseat is nobodies business. 

    In all this, the privacy less Mumbai lovebirds may have to look out for a better and cooler option to blossom their romance. To know such places, check out our lifestyle section.

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