"It's always a big responsibility to represent my country globally," says former Mr. India

In a conversation with Mumbai Live, Sagar Amale shares about his strict regime and routine as he considers representing India globally is a huge responsibility.

"It's always a big responsibility to represent my country globally," says former Mr. India

A Mumbaikar, Sagar Amale, born in a Maharashtrian family, after having his share of struggles has now managed to gain a chance to represent the country internationally.

Sagar started his career through bodybuilding modelling. While training in the gym, a photographer from Paris, seeing his personality, offered to shoot him. Sagar accepted this proposal immediately. 

This shoot greatly boosted his confidence and he got a chance to feature on the cover page of the magazine for the first time. After this, Sagar decided to pursue a career in modelling.

He then participated in several state and national level modelling competitions. During this time, he also got the title of Rubaru Mr. India 2019. In this competition, he was awarded three titles, Rubaru Mr. Star Universe India, Rubaru Mr. India West and Mr. India Best Physic. Apart from modelling competitions, Sagar has worked with the production team of Lakme Fashion Week for 6 consecutive seasons. During this, he also got a chance to ramp up several times.

In a conversation with Mumbai Live, Sagar Amale shares about his strict regime and routine as he considers representing India globally is a huge responsibility.

Can you tell us about your journey?

I am an event planner and kickstarted my journey by playing as a physique model and bodybuilder. After building some confidence and getting stage experience I decided to participate in a pageant as a model.

When was the time you realised about pursuing a career in bodybuilding?

It is very rightly said that you need just one ray of hope and motivation to start anything. I would often get complimented for my hard work and physique, that is when I decided to take this step a little ahead and start participating in competitions. I won my very first competition which motivated me further to keep working for it and slowly this became my dream. By god’s grace, I have very supportive family and friends and hence never had to face any challenge regarding my family not being comfortable with my decision.

How does your normal day look like?

I like to complete my workout first thing during the day because your body is fresh and you are enthusiastic. On days when I am prepping, I do cardio early in the morning and weight lifting/circuit post that followed by my everyday chores and routine life. I focus a lot on my dietary intake because whether or not I am prepping I want to make sure I am taking care of my diet.

What does your strict regime consist of?

On days when I am prepping, I follow a strict regime. My workout schedule and diet schedule is timed. I make sure I am taking my supplements and multivitamins timely to keep me going through my preparation. I also make sure to get proper sleep because body needs proper rest to function as expected. On days when I am not prepping, I still make sure I am working out regularly and taking proper diet. I do cheat on my meals but I keep track of what I am consuming.

Can you take us through your preparation journey of the Mr India body building competition, that you won recently?

As i mentioned, after getting some stage experience and confidence I decided to move a step ahead and apply for a model pageant. I applied for Rubaru Mr. India which is India’s biggest modelling pageant and got shortlisted from amongst 30000 entries. Once you start getting positive results your energy increases. I worked very hard because body building is very different than modelling. You cannot have a very bulky body, you have to be proportionate and look like a model. I focused on getting lean, my diet was very strict, my routine was set as I had to also carry out my work. All I did to myself was keep it motivated and positive.

Rubaru Mr. India is not just a pageant, it is a family in itself where everyone is there to motivate you and get the best out from you.  

Coming from a normal family in Mumbai, what kind of reaction you had attracted towards yourself after this win?

As i said, my family and friends have been very supportive since the start. They always knew my capabilities and were assured I am will give my best whether I win or not. They were very happy and kept motivating me to keep working hard and achieve all my dreams.

Apart from family, who has been your support throughout in the journey?

Talking about opportunities and support, there is one man who has been there with me in my journey pushing me to work beyond my capacity and get through each milestone - Pankaj Kharbanda. He has always been very encouraging and straight forward when it comes to business and doing the best for his participants. Everyone needs a mentor in their life and I am grateful to have the best one.

Another personality I will always be grateful to is Amit Khanna, industry’s biggest and experienced photographer. His shoots are nothing less than an experience, you will be stunned looking at the outcome of his shoot and start believing at every stage that you can do better. He has always been there whenever I needed help.

Can shed some light upon your upcoming Mr. Universe championship? What are your preparations for it?

My upcoming competition is going to be held in Portugal this month itself. I am focusing on building myself more from an international perspective. It is the same as I always do for modelling, go lean, focus on shaping my body and keep it proportionate. Moreover, I am also focusing on my skin care as you have to look very international and professional while competing for such pageant. It is a very big opportunity and responsibility for me to represent my country internationally and I do not want to leave any chance to do my best.

Lastly, what tips would you like to share for our readers regarding fitness?

Consistency is what you should aim for. It is okay to loose a little shape and go off track but make sure you are consistent. It helps a lot in getting back to routine and build a healthy environment for yourself and people around you.

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