Tamil Bappa- 'Mind It'


Ganesha festival kicks-off every year, thousands of Ganpati idols are crafted and brought in their respective pandals. We all are aware of different designs of Ganpati idols, we celebrate festival and so on..... But this is indeed surprising seeing Bappa in tamil avatar. Over 3,000 eco-friendly ganpati idols from Tamil Nadu for sale in the Giri store of Matunga, 80% of them already sold.The price of these idols vary from 60/- to 4,500/- , for sure tamilian bappa is in demand. Ganesha idol is designed in south indian style wherein one can see honeydew urn on Ganesha's trunk. Traditional south indian tika smeared on Bappa's forehead. Every south indian households have this idol of Bappa in their house. Be it Maharashtrian or Tamilian Bappa, India will shout 'Morya re' their hearts out from Monday.


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