Things Every Solo Female Traveller Must Do While Planning a Trip

It is always advisable to pre-book hotels and hostels in case of backpacking

Things Every Solo Female Traveller Must Do While Planning a Trip
Things Every Solo Female Traveller Must Do While Planning a Trip

Solo travelling for a woman is always exhilarating and refreshing, it builds confidence and empowers her as well. However, solo travelling for women can be stressful and can be challenging as it comes along with dealing with unknown places, people, food, etc.

It is always advisable to pre-book hotels, transport for all legs of the journey and pre book hostels in case of backpacking.

Along with this, remember these 5 things if you are planning a adventurous solo travel. 

Don’t overpack 
As you will be alone and will be carrying your stuff on your own, carry things which are of utmost importance and needed during your trip. Don't carry things which will just add weight to your bags. Travel light with minimal important things. Also, you can choose a backpack over suitcase as the former is easy to use and carry. 

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Be vigilant
Always be aware of your surroundings and your fellow travellers. If you feel you are being followed, head towards a group of people. Also, if anyone is being very friendly, beware of such people as you cannot make out the real intentions. Keep an hawk eye on your belongings and dont leave them behind even if you are visiting the washroom. 

Go prepared
Whichever city you are planning to visit, do research about it, its culture and history. Always be respectful to the local cultures and do your homework.

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Carry photocopy of your documents 
In case you forget or lose your documents, it is always wise to carry at least one photocopy of each of the documents that you are carrying with you. It helps in case of emergency while reporting to the police. 

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Do not overshare
While on vacation, we tend to talk to strangers and locals but in case you are travelling solo, you need to be extra safe and vigilant. Do not disclose your location to strangers and always listen to your instincts. In case you are feeling uncomfortable around certain people who are asking a lot of questions remember you don't owe them any information. 

The most important thing is do not post your every move on social media. You can do it once you reach home or when you move away from the location. 

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