Tips to guard against winter illnesses

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Tips to guard against winter illnesses
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Mumbai - The city is getting to sample a slightly serious winter this year. With its attendant delights, the chilly weather has also heralded the downside - winter ailments.

Mumbai Live got Cama Hospital superintendent Dr Rajshri Katke to give Mumbaikars a few tips on how to fend off winter illnesses.

Here are the points to remember-

  • Young children, pregnant women and asthmatics should take special care during the days when the mercury dips.

  • Wear socks, gloves, ear muffs when you step outside for a walk. Have your medicines regularly.

  • Smog, fog and cold breezes can all combine to cause infections. We need to guard against the H1N1 virus in particular, so we need to take care of children's health.

  • Consume warm drinks.

  • Stroll in the mild morning sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes, which imparts a natural warmth to the body.

  • Exercise for at least a few minutes before the cold sets in.

  • Consume more fruits, dry fruit - cashews and almonds in particular. Milk, eggs, fish are heat retaining foods for the body. Increase the consumption of such foods.

  • Eat local seasonal foods like laddoos made of methi and dink. Avoid iced water, stick to lukewarm water instead.

  • Diabetics should keep a watch on their diet and monitor their sugar levels regularly.

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