Top Destinations Preferred by Indian Tourists During Summer

Nearly 50 per cent of Indians intend to store new memories in previously visited destinations, while only 39 per cent of Indians want to relive past experiences.

Top Destinations Preferred by Indian Tourists During Summer
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Summers are just around the corner and Indian tourists are already planning for vacations to enjoy it to the fullest. There has been a significant increase in flight searches for the holiday period. Based on a survey of 1,217 Indians in urban cities by the world's leading travel search engine, it has come to light that family and group travel has increased for the summer season.

Family flight searches have increased by nearly 230 per cent compared to 2022, with 81 per cent of Indians planning a trip this summer to travel with their families.

The research shows that domestic flight searches for summer travel have increased by nearly 208 per cent this year compared to last year, and long-haul international flight searches have also increased by nearly 158 per cent.

One-third of Indians planning to travel this summer have been influenced by nostalgia and are revisiting destinations visited in the past, including the places of their ancestors. Interestingly, novelty is still important to them, where nearly 50 per cent of Indians intend to store new memories in previously visited destinations, while only 39 per cent of Indians want to relive past experiences.

“With a significant increase in flight and hotel searches, Indians are poised to return to post-pandemic family travel, meaningful experiences and the same spirited atmosphere this summer. The trend of nostalgia travel is gaining momentum, where people are revisiting special places or exploring destinations to rekindle old memories,” the study exclaimed.

In terms of age group, 25 to 34 year old are most interested in revisiting nostalgic destinations visited during their childhood or teenage years. Perhaps they wish to take their own children there and relive those precious memories.

Increase in spending for summer travel:

According to consumer research, the majority (80 per cent) of Indian summer holidaymakers surveyed are planning to spend the same or more on their summer travel this year than last year.

Increased flight prices don't seem to be a deterrent for keen travellers in India. As per reports, the prices of air tickets have grown significantly, at around 42 per cent for return economy domestic flights and around 19 per cent for return economy international flights.

The average cost of a return economy domestic flight during the summer travel season is INR 13,188 and for a return economy long-haul international flight is around INR 93,428.

Top Destinations for Indian Tourists in Summer:

The most searched international destination for summer travel is Toronto, followed by Dubai, London and New York. In Asia, Indian tourists are exploring the most popular destinations like Bali, Bangkok, Singapore and Maldives. Also, New Delhi was the most searched domestic destination, followed by Goa, Srinagar and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Given the harsh summers across the country, most of the respondents are planning to travel to cool places. 61 per cent of respondents have an affinity for mountains, while 51 per cent of respondents want to enjoy chilling at beach destinations.

The data shows that the average planned length of stay is approximately 35 days for long-haul intercontinental travel, approximately 6 days for domestic travel, and approximately 8 days for travel within Asia.

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