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Wildlife photography is an expensive affair: Photographer Sagar Gosavi

Sagar Gosavi has been clicking for the last 16 years and is a brand ambassador of Canon India

Wildlife photography is an expensive affair: Photographer Sagar Gosavi

Photography has different genres and it clicks with people as per their taste and preference. Someone said, "Every picture has a story to tell," which is so true. Photography is one such thing which one cannot express through his/her words but can do it through their clicks. 

But at the same time, photography is beyond clicking and getting that 'perfect shot'. It is hard work and lots of adjustments which makes a well-known and a better photographer.

I was pleased to meet one such well-known wildlife photographer, Sagar Gosavi, who is a down-to-earth and humble person.

He has been into wildlife photography for the last 16 years and believes that there is still more to learn and improve. He developed an interest in wildlife when he was in the third grade.

I spent my childhood in Uran where my house was surrounded by marshland. Every day after school, I used to engage in birdwatching wherein I used to watch flamingoes and that was my favourite past time. And slowly and steadily I started developing an interest in clicking pictures and then there was no looking back." 

Sagar Gosavi, Wildlife Photographer.

Gosavi was generous enough to share a few tips for budding wildlife photographers. To become a wildlife photographer, one should love nature, according to Gosavi.

Wildlife photography is a difficult genre while in other genres, you learn and then decide your genre. But for wildlife photography, it is kind of mandatory that you should study behaviour of animals and love nature," he added.

The second tip he gave was one cannot earn bread and butter out of this genre. One needs to be tough and patient.

It's different when you go out of India. Here, in India, part-time photographers sell their pictures for free. But, outside India, you earn well out of wildlife photography."

Gosavi added his own experience of quitting an IT company and becoming a full-fledged wildlife photographer. He said it was difficult monetary wise and so he ventured into becoming a mentor and run his own venture. Today, Sagar Gosavi runs SGP Venture wherein he conducts workshops and trails. Along with this, he is a brand ambassador of Canon India.

He touched upon another important aspect and that was about an investment. Gosavi pressed this point adding if one should be ready to invest.

This genre demands specific equipment and larger telelenses, which is quite a costly affair."

Gosavi believes that this genre is time-consuming in comparison to other genres.

I personally feel that sitting in gypsy and clicking picture is easy. One should go out in the field and explore places to click various pictures."

He further stressed the point of going out on the field saying that one learns from mistakes while clicking pictures on the field as it helps in improving them as a photographer.

When I started photography, there were no workshops. I have self-learned the art. I believe that our own picures teach us a lot. It gives us time to improve."

He wrapped the interview advising the budding wildlife photographers to think twice and thrice before coming into their genre.

It is difficult to perceive this genre yet not impossible. But as I mentioned in my previous point, it is a costly affair and one should think twice before getting into this. One has to compromise their comforts but it is satisfying at the end, believe me."

You check out his work on his Instagram handle- & about his workshops on-

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