No curbs on cash withdrawals, but will Mumbaikars still prefer to go cashless?


We were promised acchhe din in 50 days from the day demonetisation was thrust on us. But it took a good four months for the Reserve Bank of India to give us some good news that we can withdraw as much cash as we need from the ATMs. 

The last four months were however not easy for the city's people, who had to queue up outside ATMs and banks and line up at petrol pumps simply to get their daily transactions done.

Is the city happier with the RBI's new announcement? Has the Mumbaikar got used to less cash and more of plastic? Is she more comfortable doing online transactions rather than shelling out hard cash? 

Mumbai Live tried to gauge the city's mood on Tuesday after the RBI released the welcome announcement. 

Mumbaikars voiced their good and bad experiences on ‘Mumbai Bole To’. Cash or no cash? Find out for yourself.