World Tourism Day: Tourist places in Mumbai you might not have heard of

Have you explored all the tourist spots in Mumbai before planning those weekend getaways outside the city?


The Maximum City, as the name suggests is a Neverland for those who grow to love it. A land full of possibilities and opportunities, the city has much more to offer than what we can imagine. 

We often find weekend getaways some hours away from the hustle bustle, but many of us are unaware of these areas within Mumbai, which are equally scenic and beautiful. Let's explore Mumbai a little more than the obvious this World Tourism Day.

How many of these places have you been to?

  • Dana Pani Beach

  • Kanhoji Angre Island
  • Jogeshwari Caves
  • Global Vipasna Pagoda
  • Mandapeshwar Caves
  • Arnala Fort
  • Mahakali Caves
  • Banganga Tank
  • Vasai Fort