Ed Sheeran's Mumbai concert: The complete guide

Ed Sheeran's Mumbai concert at Jio Gardens is just a day away. From Sheeran's arrival in Mumbai to the songs of his set list, here's everything you need to know

Ed Sheeran's Mumbai concert: The complete guide

Ed Sheeran is already in Mumbai as a part of his India Tour. Several fans from across the country have arrived to attend his 19th November gig at Jio Gardens in BKC.

Ed Sheeran's low-key arrival in Mumbai

The pop-star landed in Mumbai last night and was given a warm welcome by his fans. Although it was a low key welcome in comparison to Justin Bieber, Ed’s fans reached the airport with flowers and lot of anticipation to meet him. This is the second time he is in the country for his India Tour.

If sources are to be believed, Ed is staying at a popular South-Bombay hotel along with his entourage. Special arrangements have been made for Sheeran and his team.

Ed Sheeran is in Mumbai and this is what he is going to do in the city…

Concert timings and song list

Joining Ed on his tour is a 23-year old independent singer/songwriter/producer, Lauv. Talking about the tour, he said, “Words cannot express my excitement to have the opportunity to tour with Ed Sheeran, one of the most genuine artists of this era in multiple countries I’ve never been to in my life. Honored is a start.”

Gates open at 5 pm and Ed will come on at 8pm. you might want to come in a little early, owing to the rush and to catch Lauv in action.

You guys are probably searching for the best Ed Sheeran songs online to figure out what his set list for tomorrow is. We've got you covered. 


Going for Ed Sheeran's concert in Mumbai? Here's what you need to know..

With just one day to go, preparations in and around Jio Gardens in BKC, Bandra, are in full swing. Not only the organizers, but the restaurants and pubs in and around BKC are arranging pre and post parties, which could add to your excitement.

When Ed Sheeran almost cancelled his Mumbai gig

Last month, he suffered a bike accident that made him re-consider his Divide World Tour. He was forced to cancel his concerts in Taipei, Osaka, Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong but luckily has made it to India. 

Free tickets to Ed Sheeran anyone?

Reliance Jio and Ola Cabs ran contest that gave away free tickets to a few lucky winners. For those of you who missed out or thought the tickets were too expensive, this was your best chance. With less than 24 hours to go, you might have to beg and plead some of the people selling their extra tickets. 10,000 fans(or 'sheerios' as they are called) are expected at the Jio Gardens.

With all the hype around the concert and from what we know about his previous gigs, he's sure to keep the energy peaking. Also, he won't lip sync like Justin Bieber! As you start making plans for tomorrow, here's some helpful information about the venue.