World Music Day: A Young Artiste's Story Which Represents Every Passionate Mumbaikar

On the occasion of Fête de la Musique (World Music Day), Mumbai Live got in touch with a young, budding artiste - Tanisha Serrao - and discussed everything 'Musique' with the Bandra girl!

  • World Music Day: A Young Artiste's Story Which Represents Every Passionate Mumbaikar
  • World Music Day: A Young Artiste's Story Which Represents Every Passionate Mumbaikar

Fête de la Musique (World Music Day) is celebrated every year on June 21 and this year, we decided to speak to someone who represents the local flavour of modern-day music in the city, and the young girl from Bandra is just like any talented artiste who fights battles between education and passion to embrace that loud cheer once a while when she finishes her gig on stage.

Tanisha Serrao (20), is a young girl from Bandra who is the face of a passionate, budding musician in the city. She developed an interest in music since music was a nursery rhyme to her and as she progressed through school, her passion started maturing. Singing in the church choir and also participating in the school's annual day event, Tanisha was innocently following her heart which was filled with genuine passion towards music.


Towards the end of her schooling days to the beginning of Junior College, she took a break from music and what followed next still leaves her baffled. Tanisha joined St. Andrew’s College, Bandra, and she found Zinc - A college band which helped her re-enter the musical sphere. Along with Social Media and her pursuit to give the artiste in her a platform, Tanisha began considering music as a career option. A final year media student, she started finding her groove performing at college festivals and the big moment arrived when she performed in front of a jam-packed Hard Rock Cafe audience. She performs a range of Pop music with a hint of Rock and Alternative, as well as her original compositions. The girl has also performed at The Habitat, Live At Port and Bandcamp.

Challenges A Young Artiste Faces In Mumbai

“Being only 20-years-old, there have been times where people in the music fraternity don’t take you too seriously. There are seniors who have been tremendously helpful to me, but from a business point of view, people do tend to shrug you off at times."

Influence Of Social Media And A Platform For Young Artistes To Grow

“Honestly, I don’t feel I could sustain without Social Media in 2018. YouTube and Instagram have helped me a lot as the world is in the digital phase, the covers and originals I work on can reach many more people. Selecting a song, changing the genre, recording the cover, and uploading the final piece takes a lot of effort but the final outcome leaves me really happy and when I get a positive response from people, it just gives me more confidence to work harder and improve."

"Between passion and business, Social Media caters to passion and if you want to build something commercial, you will require the help of a Record Label."

Favourite Artiste

"Strike Three (local) and Shawn Mendes (International). Artistes who come from nothing and make it big because of talent alone, inspire me. I follow Shawn Mendes, Justin Beiber, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Lorde, Melanie Martinez, Halsey and many more artistes on a daily basis."

You can rightly see the influence of modern pop/alternative music on Tanisha.

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Battle Between Traditional Education And Pursuing Your Passion

I have still prioritised completing my course with a decent score but I will never give up on music. Every young boy or girl should never give up on their passion as art never dies and if you're dedicated to what you love, you'll eventually find your way. I really value support from my family and friends as they keep pushing me to create better music and I would definitely continue to perform at live venues across Mumbai.

Here's an original composition from Tanisha

Tanisha mirrors many young girls from Mumbai, who are talented and have to balance life on multiple fronts. She has decided to test her limits and create music for her joy and live her passion. Will you give your talent another chance and push yourself beyond limits? 

Mumbai Live wishes every artiste in the city a magic-on-the-ears World Music Day!

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