After a point the singer must seek and find his or her own song: Lata Mangeshkar

The interview conducted by IANS was in context to the recent viral video where Kolkata based Ranu Mondal was heard singing Lata Mangeshkar's song, eventually gaining popularity and a chance to sing in Himesh Reshammiya's upcoming film.


India's eminent singer Lata Mangeshkar has been an inspiration and a guru for many aspiring singers over the years. While everyone croons her popular songs, one can never become Lata Mangeshkar, precisely because there cannot be a replacement.

But, as per a recent video, Kolkata based Ranu Mondal was heard singing similar to Lataji, and her video went viral. She said 'Ek pyar nagma hai,' and the video caught the attention of ace composer Himesh Reshammiya. Impressed with her dedication and talent, he gave her a chance to record a song for his upcoming film, which eventually got her a lot of attention.

In an interview with Lataji, IANS informed her about Ranu Mondal's experience, to which she said, "If anyone gets benefited from my name and work then I feel fortunate. "But I also feel imitation is not a reliable and durable companion for success. By singing my songs or Kishoreda's (Kumar), or (Mohd) Rafi Saab's, or Mukesh Bhaiyya or Asha's (Bhosle) numbers, aspiring singers can get short-term attention. But it won't last."

In today's time, one gets to see a lot of talent on the music shows, where many contestants sing the evergreen songs composed and sung by renowned names. Talking about their success, she added, "So many children sing my songs so beautifully. But how many of them are remembered after the first flush of success? I only know of Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghosal. Be original. By all means, sing the evergreen songs by me and my colleagues. But after a point, the singer must seek and find his or her own song."

Giving an example of her own sister, she said that if Asha Bhosle had not insisted on singing in her own style she would have remained in my shadow forever.

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