Shemaroo launches 'Bhakti Studio' with an aim to revive devotional music

In a recently held event, Shemaroo announced the new concept in the presence of popular singers Anup Jalota and Suresh Wadkar. CEO Hiren Gada shared this thoughts on why it is important to present deveotional songs in a new manner for todays' generation.

Shemaroo launches 'Bhakti Studio' with an aim to revive devotional music

Over the last few years, Shemaroo has been a part of every household in some way or the other. They have a vast offering, across genres, and have been creating a library for decades now. Their property, Shemaroo Bhakti, has been famous for many years now, and with a massive library, Shemaroo has been one of the key players in the 'devotional music' space. With improving technology and reach, the team has delivered to the large audience base and has aimed at developing products and properties catering to the audience across age groups.

Keeping the same in mind and striving to now captivate the young generation, Shemaroo Bhakti launches Bhakti Studio - a one-of-a-kind platform where trained singers, who haven't received an opportunity to showcase their talent, can participate in the show which focuses on reviving devotional music for the younger audience. Helping the contestants groom are eminent names from the industry - Anup Jalota, Suresh Wadkar, and Saroj Khan - who will share their experience in enhancing the talent of the singers. While Anup Jalota and Suresh Wadkar will focus on the vocals, Saroj Khan will look at the overall presentation and the choreography, where every song will be complemented with a dance performance.

Talking about the same, Hiren Gada, CEO, Shemaroo, said, "Today is a special occasion as we usually do a business related to Bollywood and film business, but today we are focusing on the 'bhakti' segment, which we have been focusing on the last 10 years. Adding to the bouquet, we recently launched Bhakti devices. We have 6000+ hours content, 3000+ AV content and we also have content for the devotional bhakts. But we always thought of innovating it for the youngsters, and so with this thought, we reached out to Anup Jalota and Suresh Wadkar sir, who will motivate the young talent. It is a unique way for us to bring together yesterday's legends and today's keen performers. We focus on giving them a platform to develop the sensibility and grammar with today's audience."

One of the mentors of the show, Anup Jalota, shared his thought on the concept and said, "When we thought of bringing Bhakti Sangeet to this generation, we weren't sure of the way to take. The problem today is the choice, and so we focused on making it one of their favourites, which brings them close to this kind of music too. Our attempt is to make sure people believe in 'bhakti,' as it helps in making the ambiance positive and attractive. We will give an opportunity to people from all over the world to be a part of the show."

Adding his thought, Suresh Wadkar, who will be the other mentor on the show, said, "I would like to thank Shemaroo for bringing a beautiful and innovative concept. Over the last few decades Anup Jalota and I have worked on understanding what to give the upcoming generation through Bhakti Sangeet. In today's disturbing time we live in, such kind of devotional music is the need of the hour."

To participate in the show, singers have to be well trained in either of the classical forms of music. As per the announcement made at the launch, the team is happy to give an opportunity to those who haven't got a stage earlier and participants can be from any religion and can present the devotional songs in any preferred Indian language.