PM Modi's temple shuts in a day; BJP removes the statue overnight

BJP official has clarified the party had nothing to do with the temple and a staunch follower of PM Modi, Mayur Munde, decided to build the temple, at his own will, at the private space in Aundh.

PM Modi's temple shuts in a day; BJP removes the statue overnight

A temple for Prime Minister Narendra Modi was recently built in Pune's Aundh area whereby a supporter gave the PM, the status of God. Videos from one of the ceremonies went viral on social media and garnered a lot of criticism. As per reports, the statue (bust) from this temple has been removed following an order sent from the Prime Minister's Office. 

The temple was built by BJP activist Mayur Munde and post the viral video, several citizens from the city travelled to see this temple. Many who visited the location criticized that the foundations of Modi's statue. It is being said that a special aarti banner written for PM Modi was also hoisted at the location. Supporters from the locality claimed that the construction of this temple was inspired from the Ram temple which was approved last year. 

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However, the city president Yogesh Mulik had clarified the party had nothing to do with the same and that the president of NaMo Pratishthan had decided to build the temple for PM Modi, at his own will at the private space (Parihar Chowk) in Aundh. Reports state that INR 1.6 lakh was spent on the same and the statue was bought from Jaipur with the help of Diwanshu Tiwari, a businessman from Pimpri-Chinchwad.

Mayur Munde had also composed a poem/tune talking about PM's work and contribution which was displayed at the location.

Officials state that this move was criticized by the party, following which the statue was removed overnight. Meanwhile, members from the NCP also expressed their displeasure and slammed this move stating that the temple was not needed for PM Modi. The members also raised questions regarding the hike in fuel price and other aspects which have affected daily lives of the people.

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