Manikrao Thakre fights for C 3 bungalow

Manikrao Thakre fights for C 3 bungalow

Two times state minister, four times MLA and MLC Manikrao Thakre is a very well known congress politician of his times. Though he is elected as a deputy speaker of the legislative council, the bungalow of Deputy Speaker has not been allocated to him yet. Instead, he has given four flats at Nariman Point’s ‘Suniti’ building. Supporters of Thakre alleged that Bharatiya Janata Party who otherwise talk about transparency has deliberately overlooked Thakre by not giving him bungalow. Prior to Thakre, then deputy speaker of the legislative council Vasant Davkhare was residing at 'C 3' bungalow. Post to which it was being said that it will be given to Thakre but instead energy minister Madan Yerawar started residing.

Manikrao Thakre and Madan Yerawar are popular for their fights. And so when the bungalow was granted to Yerawar, Thakre got hurt. He also wrote to CM to handover the bungalow. However, even CM has not paid attention to the request of Thakre.

When Davkhare was residing, he was given 3 months extension period. However, according to sources, Yerawar performed pooja and started residing in 'C 3' bungalow as well. But Yerawar refuted the claims. “Before Manikrao Thakre was elected as a deputy speaker of the legislative council I was the state minister. Initially, I was allocated flat in Malabar Hill. But I preferred staying at MLA house room no. 112. Then how can I perform pooja when Davkhare was already residing? I respect Manikrao Thakre but there is some misunderstanding. 'C 3' bungalow is not only for deputy speaker of the legislative council but any minister can get to reside. Manikrao Thakre owns a home in Mumbai. On contrary, I came from outside and became state minister, how is it wrong if I stay in a bungalow in Mumbai,” said Yerawar.

It seems that Manikrao Thakre will have to wait for 'C 3' bungalow as Yerawar will not be leaving the bungalow in near future. On top of that, many other ministers are also trying to get bungalows. During UPA government regime, Manikrao Thakre helped many BJP MLA's to get work done in their constituency. Now Congress leaders are trying their best to help him with the bungalow.

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