Mumbaikars frown upon Supriya Sule’s traffic stunt

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    Mumbai- National Congress Party MP Supriya Sule who rode sans helmet sitting pillion on a motorcycle, has come in for flak from citizens for her impulsive behaviour.

    Sule had come to Malad's Appapada on Thursday to participate in the campaign for her party candidate Dhanashree Bharadkar of ward 42. After the campaign, Sule had to go to Thane but she got stuck in traffic. Without missing a beat, she hopped on to a party worker's bike and rode off to her destination.

    While her daredevilry attracted admiration from her followers, sceptics were quick to point out that she did not follow any traffic rules, that the bike rider too was not wearing a helmet and that no traffic officer stopped her.

    Mumbai Live spoke to the citizens this morning about Sule’s traffic stunt and this is what they had to say.

    “Whoever the person is, they should follow some norms. Helmet is important and Sule being an elected representative, should have followed the traffic rules. Traffic constables should have stopped her, but just because she is a NCP leader, she was let go,” said Sushil Kumar Verma.

    Sujata Sawant said that just because Sule is an MP, she should not be above the law. “It feels bad that if the same law is applied for common man, why are political leaders spared?" asked Uttam More.

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