NCP will contest on their own

NCP will contest on their own

Mumbai- BMC elections are nearing and it is still unclear whether NCP will contest with congress party or not. However, NCP is gearing up to contest with a new front. It is been said that, NCP party is in talks with Shetkari Kamgaar Paksh, Communist party and SP for BMC elections. And so it is likely that NCP will bid goodbye to congress. Congress leader Sachin Ahir said that 450 forms have been distributed to the interested candidates and they can take forms till 19th November. From 23rd to 30th November, interviews will be carried out. When Ahir was asked about the coalition with the congress, he said that congress should not expect anything from them. He also said that they will wait for the proposal from congress and if they don't get it then NCP will contest without congress.          

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