Potential allies begin numbers game

    Pali Hill
    Potential allies begin numbers game
    Mumbai  -  

    Mumbai - With talks of an alliance now firming up, the question that is troubling the Shiv Sena is the numbers game they now have to play with the BJP.

    In the assembly elections, the BJP won 16 seats in Mumbai, while Shiv Sena came  in a close second with 15. The Sena has sensed that BJP may ask for extra number of seats this time to contest on, going by the previous elections' stats. The Shiv Sena had contested on 135 seats, BJP on 63 and RPI on 29 seats. This time the number of seats the BJP is contesting on may increase from 63 to 100. This calculation is bound to trouble the Sena. Hectic parleys are likely to be seen on this scene in the next few days, with the date of civic elections now out. Both parties have to show their respective strengths, without giving in to the might of the other. We are waiting to see how this power play pans out.

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