BMC on the road to regularise unauthorised constructions on leased lands?


The BMC plans to regularise unauthorised constructions built on lands leased out to private parties.

Guidelines have been framed to ensure prosecution in cases where the rules and regulations of the lease have been violated. Penalties - one time of the ready reckoner for lands leased for residential use, and 1.25 times of the ready reckoner for lands leased for commercial use - have been fixed.

This proposal passed earlier by the civic improvements committee, had been trashed by the BMC earlier. However, the estate's department of the BMC has once more forwarded the same proposal to the improvements committee.

The BMC has given out 3764 plots of land to 4177 institutions on leases that extend from 10 years to 999 years. Among these are 160 plots under the 'W' category, 21 plots under the 'V' category, 193 plots under the 'X' category, 38 plots under the 'Y' category.

This proposal had been rejected earlier on the grounds that imposing penalties would imply a certain recognition to the unauthorised constructions, and would ensure that the plots remain in the illegal builders' possession, thus defeating the primary purpose why the plots had been leased out.

However, the civic administration has clarified that henceforth, it would make sure that the plots are being used for the purpose they were leased out and that the BMC could take them over in case redevelopment was required.

Tenants occupy several buildings built on the leased plots. Some of these constructions have come up without the requisite permissions from the estates and buildings constructions department of the BMC. Those built before 1962 enjoy a certain 'protected' status. Some of these are completely unauthorised, however. The departments are authorised to issue breach notices to such constructions. The administration has now clarified that the penalty amount will be valid only for three years. The builders will now have a time period of three years within which to regularise the illegal constructions, after which the BMC can demolish these constructions.

Number of plots leased - 4177
Plots leased for perpetuity - 1247

Plots leased for 999 years - 2148

Plots leased for 120 years - 1

Plots leased for 99 years - 584

Plots leased for 25 to 70 years - 193

Plots leased for 10 years = 4

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