Recap 2019: Five times Mumbaikars raised their voices and staged protests

From the recent CAA protests to Aarey protests, here are top five protests that were held in Mumbai in 2019.

  • Recap 2019: Five times Mumbaikars raised their voices and staged protests
  • Recap 2019: Five times Mumbaikars raised their voices and staged protests
  • Recap 2019: Five times Mumbaikars raised their voices and staged protests
  • Recap 2019: Five times Mumbaikars raised their voices and staged protests

2019 is being termed as the year of protest. And why not? All through the year, we have been reading reports of mass demonstrations and people taking to the streets. India is not the only country where people are turning in large numbers to show their discontent at what is happening around them. Even in countries such as Hong Kong, Russia, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Iraq, Iran, Malta, Algeria, Lebanon and Sudan too, there have been protests staged in this year.

While the reasons for these protests might be very different for every country and it is difficult to find any connecting point in all these protests that have erupted all through the year. However, there is one common factor in all these protests, which is people have extensively used social media and messaging apps to connect with like-minded people and gather at common places and raise their voices. 

What’s more, is that people now are even using dating apps such as Tinder to share information and mobilise protests. According to a report in Deccan Herald the reason that student-activists have now turned to the dating apps, is because crackdown on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram by the authorities and also explains how a Bangalore-based student used Tinder when her Instagram account was taken down to mobilize protest and got a great response.

Mumbai is known to be a city that never sleeps. However, when it comes to protests, it is said people prefer to sleep over things than raise their voice against it. The "chalta hai attitude" and it does not impact me or I am too occupied in my own work/Life to get on with this are standard responses that people expect from Mumbai walas when there protests to be planned. But this year has been different as Mumbaikar participate in not one but five protests this year. Here's a look. 

1. Anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)

After the bill of CAA was passed, there were nationwide protests which even resulted in violence, destruction and detention of several people. Even Mumbaikars joined the protested against the CAA. There are several protests been held till date at various locations such as Carter Road, Azad Maidan and August Kranti Maidan. The protests have been peaceful and at one of the protests that was held at August Kranti Maidan celebrities like Farhan Akhtar, Swara Bhasker, Jawed Jaffery and Sushant Singh extended their support.

2. Pro Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)

While there are series of Anit CAA being staged, there are also pro CAA rallies being held across Mumbai and many people from various walks of life are joining in the protest. In one of these protests ex- Cheif Minister Devendra Fadnavis was seen extending his support. 
3. Aarey

Mumbai also stood up for its forest. Helmed by environmental activists Zoru Bathena and Stalin Dayanand, the Aarey movement witnessed the majority number of protests. From protesting on every Sundays to coming up with unique concepts like 'Sleeping Protests', these protests have also witnessed support from celebrities primarily from Shraddha Kapoor.

4. Animal rights 

After several instances of cruelties against animals surfaced, activists staged a protest at Carter Road in Bandra wherein they were dressed as various animal. To protest against this and the guidelines of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, citizens and animal activist groups like 'Aaj ki Awaaz' staged a silent protest at BMC Park in Yari Road in Versova.  

There was also a candlelight protest organised for Worli-based street dog Lucky. Lucky was beaten up by the guard of a building for seeking shelter in the premises to escape from the rain. 

5. PMC Bank

It has been a stressful time for consumers who have their accounts in PMC Bank. RBI has put a cap on withdrawal limit for them and to protest against the same the bank holders have been staging protests.  On Tuesday, October 22, the depositors held their protest at Azad Maidan. The scam-hit bank has been in the news for the last four months and there have several relaxations made in regards to the withdrawal limits.

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