Lalita Salve Sex Change: Maharashtra Police Department demands ‘guidelines’ for such cases

The Maharashtra Police Department has demanded guidelines to define the nature of Lalita’s work after she gets back from her treatment

Lalita Salve Sex Change: Maharashtra Police Department demands ‘guidelines’ for such cases

After the Maharashtra Police granted permission to its female employee Lalita Salve to go ahead with sex change operation, it is now speculating about the nature of her work when Lalita will rejoin after her treatment. The Director General of Police has written a letter to the home department asking about the same and soon new guideline will be introduced for such rare cases. 

Lalita Salve who has been a part of Beed Police force in Majalgaon Taluka wanted to get a sex change after years of hormonal changes in her body. For this, she tried to seek permission but the Maharashtra Police rejected her application and her request was accepted only when she moved to the high court. 

However, Lalita was recruited in the police force as a woman and no there are no such rules currently existing which would define the nature of her work after surgery. Would Lalita be working as per the conduct carried out by male officers? 

In regard to this, the Beed district superintendent of police Sridhar Govindarajan wrote to Director General of Maharashtra Satish Mathur. Mathur, then, wrote to the home department demanding the guideline for the same. 

Lalita has been granted special leave from the police department for her treatment. 

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