Maharashtra Police permits its female employee for sex change operation

The Maharashtra Police has accepted Lalita’s request to employ her even after her sex change operation


A female officer from Maharashtra Police, Lalita Salve, has finally got the permission to undergo a sex change operation. Maharashtra Police have acknowledged her request and have permitted her to go ahead with her decision. Lalita will visit to St. George’s Hospital on Tuesday for necessary treatment. She was assigned to her job in Beed district.

Earlier, she had requested Maharashtra Police to keep her as an employee after her sex change operation. However, the Maharashtra police denied her application and her request was only accepted when she moved to the high court with her demand. She also requested Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to intervene.

While hearing Lalita’s case, Bombay High Court said that this matter is related to administrative service. Thus, the case was not heard by the high court but MAT (Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal).

Arjun Ujgare, Lalita’s uncle, told that “Lalita is the one responsible for taking care of the house and she was really upset when her request for sex-change was denied. However, after getting approval she is very happy now. I am grateful to the Chief Minister for directing to home department to accept her request.”

A similar case was also reported in Tamil Nadu and the state’s high court allowed the petitioner to pursue sex change operation. In this case, on the order of the home department, DGP Satish Mathur ordered Beed district superintendent of police Sridhar to give special leave to Lalita.

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