Kitten rescued six hours after being stuck in car engine

The Jaywant family, who owned the Mercedes in which the kitten was stuck, preferred opening the car engine rather than letting the innocent animal die.

Kitten rescued six hours after being stuck in car engine

Jayesh Jaywant and his family came to Mumbai from Surat to seek blessings at Siddhivinayak Mandir in Prabhadevi. They had also come to acquire a visa for their daughter. After completing the work, the family drove towards the temple. 

However, when their car reached Sion Hospital, they heard kitten wailing. They stopped the car and tried looking out for the animal but they were unable to find her. Police helped them to look for the wailing kitten but were unable to find one. After some time, they went to a car showroom where the mechanic found the kitten in the car engine and rescued her. 

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The kitten was rescued after six hours and was handed over to animal lovers who then admitted her to the hospital. 

I was glad to see the kitten alive. Seeing her alive I felt as if we received God's blessings,” Jayesh Jaywant (car owner) said. 

Later the family didn’t go to Siddhivinayak Mandir but went back to Surat. 

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