Cockpit Vista: A venture that helps passengers get rid of their flight anxiety

Cockpit Vista is a venture located in Powai, Mumbai that helps people cope with flight anxiety. The venture has been founded by veteran Indian Air Force police Wing Commander K Dinesh


Boarding a flight for the first time or are you just a nervous and an anxious traveller? Worry not because Cockpit Vista, a unique venture based in Powai, Mumbai is helping people fly with ease. Founded by ex- Indian Air Force (IAF) Wing Commander K Dinesh, the programme helps you conquer the fear of flying and gives you an insight into flight safety and real-time flight simulator.

Wing Commander (retd) K Dinesh is a veteran Indian Air Force (IAF) police who served in the army for 34 years. However, now he is helping people overcome their fear of flying through Cockpit Vista.

In an exclusive interview with Mumbai Live, the former IAF official said, "It's perfectly normal to have anxiety while flying. In fact, you will be surprised to know that 40 per cent of the air travellers have some or the other form of flight anxiety."

He further explained that he saw civil aviation would invest money in training the pilots, ground operations, safety but the most important matter at hand, i.e. flight anxiety, was ignored by them. Therefore, he decided to take matters in his own hands and founded Cockpit Vista.

Meanwhile, the programme at Cockpit Vista consists of a three-hour long session. During the three hours, the person is first taken through a repo establishment session to make them comfortable with the instructor.

After which, the person is introduced to the core part of the session, i.e. the flight simulator where the instructor directly addresses the specific phobias the person has. Accordingly, the phobia is discussed in detail along with the structured programme which runs by default.

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