5 speakers at Conversations Mumbai inspire Mumbaikars

The event held talks by Sujata Raikar, Karl Rock, Ritesh Andre, Jay Shringarpure and Rashmi Bansal.

  • 5 speakers at Conversations Mumbai inspire Mumbaikars
  • 5 speakers at Conversations Mumbai inspire Mumbaikars

Conversations Mumbai, held on February 17, hosted a series of interesting talks from some inspiring Mumbaikars who have brought about a change at an individual level. The event indulged in awe-worthy conversations about how these speakers took a step towards driving a change and what really motivated them to take up the initiative.

The event witnessed speakers like Sujata Raikar (from Saath Charity Trust); Karl Rock (Author and Youtuber); Ritesh Angre (Spokesperson of Mumbai’s Dabbawalas); Jay Shringarpure (Environmentalist who started the Dadar Beach Clean up); and Rashmi Bansal (Author and Entrepreneur).

Sujata Raikar from Saath Charity Trust

Around 200 people in the audience extended massive support for the speakers and their initiatives. Sujata Raikar, known as the mother of 90 thalassemic kids, shared insights about the disease and its prevention. Leaving the audience emotional with her little story, Sujata made an impact by inspiring many who came forward to talk in support of the cause and how they would want to personally want to support the Charity Organisation. 

Karl Rock, a firang who settled in India, spoke about how he inspires others to come to the country and experience the culture and the food. Much in awe of the latter, Karl had a funny take on his experiences, as in his Youtube videos and books. Sharing his inspiration behind pursuing this life, leaving behind a sought after music career, he left the audience surprised and amused. 

Ritesh Andre- Spokesperson from Mumbai Dabbawalas

Another interesting talk was from Ritesh Andre from the Mumbai Dabbawalas, for which he even received a standing ovation. He spoke about how the famous tiffin service functions with an outstanding level of efficiency.

The event was full of inspiring stories such as these, which left the audience motivated to make a difference and support such  initiatives. The curator of the show, Asmita Image Consultancy, intends to conduct many more editions of this event around the year, where many speakers will speak about their causes, with an aim to inspire Mumbai.

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