Cyber expert Vijay Mukhi passes away at the age of 61

Vijay Mukhi was not only a cyber expert, he was the one who introduced 'internet' to India in 1995


Tech expert Vijay Mukhi (61) who popularised the internet in the country passed away on Tuesday after suffering a cardiac arrest. In 1995, he was the one who introduced the internet to India through the gateway of Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited.

Harish Mehta, CMD, Onward Technologies Ltd, told Times of India,

Vijay was a close friend. We used to often meet at his Nepeansea Road home to chat about tech in the '80s. In fact, Nasscom was launched from his house in 1986."

Mehta added that Mukhi pulled in a tech evangelist Dewang Mehta onboard of Nasscom in 1991 but he died young in 2001.

The last conversation I had with Vijay at the book launch was on virtual reality and AI [artificial intelligence]. He wanted to take AI forward in a big way. His wife, Sonal, always stood firmly by him," said Mehta.

Former Nasscom member Rajiv Vaishnav recalled that Mukhi helped Mumbai cops set up the earliest cybercrime lab for the police at Worli.

Cyberlaw advocate S Nappinai told TOI that Mukhi has helped a lot in creating awareness of cyber threats within the judiciary and police.

Nappinai recalled about the Mukhi’s usual jovial behaviour turned annoyed when some correspondent inadvertently called him “self-styled internet guru”.

When I tried to explain that it was a silly editing issue, Mukhi, in his inimitable style, said: "You were possibly the first reporter to call me internet guru in your earlier articles. Then other media guys started calling me internet guru, though I did not ask them to do so."

A prayer meeting will be held at KC College, Churchgate, on January 12 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.