This Rickshaw In Mumbai Provides You More Than Just A Ride

Dahisar resident Prakash Mane has installed 15-20 plants in his rickshaw.


Dahisar resident Prakash Mane's rickshaw is not just a regular rickshaw but comes with much more facilities than one can imagine. Being a nature lover himself, Mane has installed over 15-20 plants in the rickshaw. 

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Talking about his road less travelled, Mane said, 

Other rickshaw drivers install DJ or fancy lights in their vehicle but for me, it was always about providing more in less. Plants are the best thing and their benefits are known to all. I regularly water them 2-4 times in a day in accordance with the temperature. I further always propagate and advice my commuters and other people to plant at least 2 saplings according to their convenience and place. After all, take care of nature, and it will take care of you.  

This peculiar rickshaw further comes with water, biscuits, medicines, first aid box, dustbin, tissues, newspaper, pen and charging plugs as well. So when are you hoping in for a ride with him?

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