Save Aarey: Let Hands Work And Not Thumbs

Here's the entire timeline of the protest and views of the activists and environment conservation group.

Save Aarey: Let Hands Work And Not Thumbs

Mumbai's monsoon mayhem hit the headlines again when the Mithi river overflowed which resulted in evacuating over 1500 people from the areas surrounding its bank. Amidst this chaos, Another news that drew the attention of the people was thousands of people protesting against the cutting of 2700 trees at Aaarey Forest. 

Are these both news connected? Yes, definitely they are!  

The BMC Tree Authority's nod on cutting down 2700 trees and CM Devendra Fadnavis supporting it hasn't really come with good terms with activists and environment lovers.  With some really famous campaigns like #AareyAikaNa and hundreds of videos and tweets floating online, the move has definitely garnered attention. 

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The seeds of awareness were sown long ago when non-profit organisations like Vanshakti, Muse Foundation and Aarey Conservation Group made repeated efforts towards environment conservation. 

Founder of Muse Foundation and environment activist Nishant Bangera stated 

Mumbai is not famous for protests and on-ground activations on a mass scale. However, Aarey has lit the fire successfully in the minds of people. Several factors including, Amazon fire, Greta's struggle and growing awareness about climate change has started moving people. There is a considerable number of citizens who are hitting the streets consistently. However, the campaign can be further amplified if citizens move ahead of social media and come on the ground. Mumbaikars are always busy given we all travel a lot daily to the office, college and back. That's one of the factors that deter people from coming on the streets which pushes them to vent on social media. In addition, a general attitude that someone else will do it also saves them of the guilt of not doing anything beyond social media posts.

Talking about the same, activist Zoru Baththena was grateful to Mumbaikars as everyone is doing their bit, 

We are very happy to see that thousands of people have already come out in support of Aarey. It is Mumbai. We can understand that everyone cant come out physically. Every protest on social counts too and we are grateful to citizens for all their support in whatever way they can.

With protests held on three consecutive Sunday's of September, the protest has indeed intensified.  Here's the timeline of the protest: 

September 1- 1,500 Mumbaikars along with actress Shraddha Kapoor had formed a 3-km human chain around the barricaded site of Metro 3 car-shed. 

September 8- The turnout doubled on September 8, with protesters of all ages forming a 3-km human chain along with Adivasi villagers from Aarey colony who will be displaced by the metro project. Despite heavy rains, the protest lasted for several hours.

September 15- This protest was held outside the MMRC office and witnessed thousands of citizens and activists. 

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Housing over thousands of species of flora and fauna, people yet have to prove that Aarey is indeed a forest. 

The question that still remains is that has Aarey really struck a chord among Mumbaikars? Lets not just use our thumbs to like, post or retweet about these campaigns but actually get on the road to make our voice heard for the 'lungs of Mumbai'.

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